Carbonated Beverages 101

How to Make Homemade Carbonated Drinks & Cocktails

Make your own refreshing, natural, and always bubbly carbonated beverages at home with your iSi Creative Whip – and far more than just sparkling water. It’s all about freshness and taste. Carbonation adds zing and zip, lightening flavors on the palate. Use pure green teas or seasonal fruit juices. Or add all-natural Monin or homemade syrups to water to create your own custom-made soda. Add fizz to cocktails and wine. This winter, try sparkling mulled hard cider or transform old fashioned heavy egg nogg into a creamy effervescent cocktail.

To serve, add ice cubes made of the same drink or a scoop of your favorite ice cream or sorbet for very special and completely original ice cream floats.

Plus with homemade carbonated beverages made with recyclable iSi soda chargers, no more big, heavy plastic or glass bottles shipped across the country or around the world.

Simply mix your drink ingredients together. Cool and strain if necessary.

Pour into bottle.

Screw on one iSi soda charger. Shake vigorously 3 to 5 times.

Soda! Serve chilled or over ice.

Post and photo by Louisa | PUBLISHED: December 2, 2009