iSi charging system

iSi Whippers

All compressed gas chargers are not made alike. Only iSi gas chargers withstand such a rigorous quality-control process, and are created specifically for use with iSi whipper and siphon products. When the complete iSi product + charger system is used, we guarantee reliable, consistent results in all of your recipes.

iSi is a Global Leader in Cream Charger Quality


Filling volume – Each charger withstands an intensive quality-control process before leaving our factory to insure each charger contains the consistently perfect amount of gas per charger (7.5g)

We know that the iSi charger is one of many ingredients in your recipe, and as with any other ingredient, it is important to maintain positively accurate measurements. For this reason, it is important to rely on the consistency of  our guaranteed 7.5g of gas (50 bar of pressure) per charger.

No gas leakage– We guarantee that our chargers are perfectly sealed and will not leak gas over time.

Food Safety

Cleanliness of the charger – Each charger is cleaned on the inside before it is filled with gas

Traceability – Each single charger can be traced back to the date and conditions of production

Date of minimum shelf life – iSi chargers are considered shelf-stable for 5 years

The iSi Quality Standard


  • Production code printed on each single iSi Cream Charger
  • Each single Cream Charger can be traced back to its
    original materials


  • HACCP certification
    The HACCP System is an instrument to help food business operators attain a higher standard of food safety.
  • ISO certification
    ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Certification
    Guaranteed standard for quality management systems
    ISO 14000:2009 Environmental Certification
    Guaranteed standard for environmental management systems
  • SA 8000 Social Accountability Certification
    Guaranteed standard for corporate social responsibility

8 reasons to choose iSi Cream Chargers

  1. Pure taste: Fresh and natural product: 100% taste without stabilizers or preservatives.
  2. 100% weight check: Every single iSi Cream Charger is weighed electronically.
  3. Leak tightness: Only iSi Cream Chargers have a 100% check of proper sealing.
  4. Environmental protection: iSi Cream Chargers are made of 95% recyclable steel.
  5. Saving money: With iSi Cream Chargers you can save up to 30% compared to aerosol cans.
  6. Certificates: The iSi GmbH is certificated by the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard and established a HACCP-System for iSi Cream Chargers.
  7. Traceability: Production code is printed on every iSi Cream Charger, therefore every single charger can be traced back to its original materials.
  8. Heritage: iSi Cream Chargers are high-quality Austrian products.

Recycling & Sustainability

  • iSi Cream Chargers are explicitly environmentally friendly:
  • iSi Cream Chargers are made of high class, 95% recyclable steel. 
  • The charger surface is lacquered and free of heavy metals like zinc and chrome. The finishing is water soluble.
  • The paper packaging is made 95% recyclable material and can be recycled with paper materials, i.e. there is almost no waste material.