Cream and Soda

The Versatile Creative Whip – Cream & Soda Chargers in One

One of the most exciting new things about your Creative Whip is that it’s the first iSi whipper for the home chef that lets you use both cream and soda chargers. You can make whipped cream and carbonated beverages, and that’s just the beginning.

In the excitement of playing with your latest kitchen tool, you might get your cream and soda chargers mixed up but it’s easy to tell them apart. iSi has conveniently color coded them for you. Cream chargers are silver-tinted (although they look more purplish-pink to me) while soda chargers are gold-tinted.

So what makes them different? Cream (N20) chargers create a creamy mouthfeel which makes them the perfect choice for whipped creams, foams, sauces, desserts, and the majority of your whipping needs. Soda (CO2) chargers are for carbonating only but the right choice for tempura batter, drinks, and garnishes where you want to create fizzy bubbles.

And remember, iSi chargers are made of high-quality steel so they’re 100% recyclable. Plus they never expire so it’s a good idea to keep a few spare boxes on-hand and ready for your next culinary inspiration.

Post and photo by Louisa | PUBLISHED: October 30, 2009