Experience Something NEW
from iSi at the NRA Show:
Booth 7164 in North Hall, and
Booth 11417 at the Bar 2016 Show.

Everybody knows an iSi Whipper can whip cream. But come on. It’s time to take off the training wheels and shoot for the moon. An estimated two million servings a day in the USA come out of an iSi whipper and many of those servings are not just whipped cream according to Jeanette Brick, Vice President of sales and marketing. “iSi goes beyond whipped cream with accessories that extend the use of the whipper into totally new territory,” she explains.

Watch Chef Aaron Lirette of GreenRiver in Chicago at the iSi NRA booth 7164 – North Hall, make imaginative light bites and mock-tails without using any cream at all. He will rely on egg whites and other ingredients to stabilize his recipes. Chefs are finding that it’s possible to use expensive ingredients in an economical way because flavors are concentrated, and portions are aerated.

“The creativity that is coming from chefs using the iSi whippers is so much more robust than the foams and flavored creams we saw a few years ago,” says iSi Culinary Ambassador and James Beard Award Winner, Chef Bradford Thompson. “It’s especially interesting to see the use of the whippers to make more menu items a-la-minute. The whippers allow you to maximize flavors and create a unique and consistent guest experience at all levels of dining.”

JALAPENOInfusions are a fascinating example of innovation. Mixologist, Al Klopper is creating iSi Rapid Infusions at the Bar 16 show (booth11417). The pressure in the canister allows for rapid infusion of aromatic solids and liquids so a mixologist can speedily concoct a jalapeno infused tequila; a chef can quickly infuse an olive oil with chili or rosemary. A process that once took days or weeks can be accomplished in just a few minutes. It was the U.S. mixologist David Arnold, author of Liquid Infusions, who found that iSi Whippers “make very good infusions because things are made fresher. A rapid infusion will give you more half notes and less bitter notes. I use it for cocoa nibs because it favors the chocolaty notes and not the bitterness. I also use it for coffee infusions that aren’t as bitter,” Arnold explains.

Chef Ashley Simone will be whipping up all kinds of uniquely flavored cream in the iSi Ice-cream and Coffee Bar at NRA booth 7164- North Hall.

Don’t miss the new iSi/Culinary App – free for Android and IOS devices-it gives chefs access to hundreds of recipes right at their fingertips.

Star chefs will be demonstrating their artistry with the new iSi Professional Chargers throughout the day. Expect Chef Aaron Lirette of GreenRiver, Chef Ashley Simone of Maison Cuisine, and Mixologist, Al Klopper, of FIG Catering to wow you with their imaginative creations.

Post and photo by iSi North America | PUBLISHED: May 13, 2016