How do you say iSi?

iSi logo

So how do you Pronounce iSi? It’s easy, literally!

If you watch Top Chef you’ve seen our whippers in action and heard cheftestants, like current season’s Michael Voltaggio, say iSi the way we generally do in the U.S., by spelling it out, EYE-ESS-EYE. But EEE-see is correct too so you take your pick.

In Austria, where the company was founded nearly 200 years ago, iSi is pronounced just like “easy,” which I have to say I think fits. Back in 1811 Vienna, iSi began business by carbonating water, a tradition continued today as the world’s largest manufacturer of soda siphons as well as cream whippers and their respective chargers. Today our siphons and whippers can be found in top chefs’ restaurant and home kitchens around the world.

The iSi Creative Whip represents the next generation as the first multifunctional whipper designed specifically for the home chef. Not only can you use iSi cream chargers for sweet and savory dishes, but you can use iSi soda chargers too to create carbonated garnishes like fizzy seasonal fruit.

However you say iSi, it is easy and exciting.

Post and photo by Louisa | PUBLISHED: October 27, 2009