Some Fancy Fried Chicken

Perry Street Restaurant Serves Up Famous Fried Chicken

In New York City they make a fried chicken so crunchy it even stands up to gravy!

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, famous for some of the finest restaurants around the world and whom you might have seen as a guest judge on Top Chef, serves an iSi-carbonated, batter-fried chicken at his restaurant Perry St.

A few months ago Jean-Georges’s 27-year old son Cedric took over the restaurant as executive chef but promises, “I won’t get rid of the fried chicken! You don’t need to worry about that.”

The deboned and seared chicken is dipped in whipper-made batter charged with CO2 and infused with Thai chili, Schechuan peppercorns, and ginger before getting fried to super crunchy perfection. Topped off with smoked chicken gravy and fresh lemon zest, this is aint no ordinary fried chicken but it sure is delicious.

We’ll try to get Cedric to share Perry St’s extremely popular fried chicken recipe with us. In the meantime, see and hear the making and crunching of their famous fried chicken on Vimeo for The Feedbag:

VIDEO: The Feedbag makes Fried Chicken at Perry St. Restaurant

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Perry St., 176 Perry Street, New York, NY, 10014, (212) 352-1900

Post and photo by Louisa | PUBLISHED: October 31, 2009