Whipped Cream Variations: Not Just Vanilla Anymore


Ideas for Flavored Whipped Cream — Sweet or Savory!

With whipped cream so fluffy and fresh, there’s no such thing as plain whipped cream. But there are a world of possibilities beyond simply sweetened or even vanilla whipped cream.

Europeans often don’t sweeten their whipped cream, preferring theirs au naturel. But for us with sweet-tooths (and salt-tooths too), the iSi Creative Whip provides endless flavor possibilities.

To sweeten, you can use either powdered sugar, honey, maple syrupagave nectar, or flavored syrups all work well too. If you’re looking for a lower calorie alternative, you can use Splenda, Equal, or any number of the many stevia-based sweeteners out there.

Monin, maker of gourmet flavors from France since 1912, offers natural syrups including many fun seasonal flavors.

Pair Pumpkin Spice whipped cream on your next pumpkin pies, cheesecake, or latte. Or their new Spicy Red Cinnamon whipped cream over apple crisp or a cranberry-apple Tarte Tatin. Gingerbread whipped cream on warm bread pudding. How about cool Peppermint whipped cream on hot chocolate and hot fudge sundaes?

Extracts offer you the ability to add flavor while controlling the amount and type of sweetener used. You can’t go wrong with pure vanilla extract but other commonly available extracts on your supermarket shelves include almond, lemon, coffee, and rum.

Grown-ups can flavor cream with liqueur for an extra shot of deliciousness. Liqueurs come in all manner of fruit, berry, nut, and flower flavors as well as chocolate, coffee, and cream variations. Try Cointreau whipped cream over warm chocolate cake, St-Germain elderflower whipped cream on sour cherry pie, Vermeer Dutch Chocolate whipped cream to top just about anything. Are you getting the idea?

Or try a savory whipped cream with smoked salt, chili powder, wasabi, or even horseradish to serve with savory dishes like braised short ribs or smoked salmon.

No matter the flavor, season to taste. Stir the flavor in chilled heavy cream (38% butterfat) to completely dissolve or incorporate, straining if needed – don’t beat in air – your iSi Creative Whip will do that for you. Shake three to five times then test consistency. To serve, hold the whipper with the decorator tip pointing straight down and press lever. Store unused whipped cream in refrigerator for up to 10 days. And remember, your iSi Creative Whip whips up to five times the volume of hand-whipped cream which means fewer calories per serving. But with whipped cream is this good, who’s counting calories?

Post and photo by Louisa | PUBLISHED: October 31, 2009